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Over the past 12 months Stardrive’s network of websites has been continuing to grow. Starting off with only, Stardrive now currently spans 20 domains and is growing fast. To keep up with the growing demand from the internet Stardrive employs a variety of versatile network technologies including our new four phase security system. The technologies behind Stardrive have made us resilient, robust and ready for what the internet offers us.

During 2013 Stardrive received 84,730 page views, 71,234 of which are from ordinary internet users. We have also received 6,627 threats from 620 individual malicious users. During this period we have successfully managed 100% intrusion prevention across all of our clients websites.

Mitigation of security risks:

On Saturday April 13th 2013 the internet was overwhelmed with an attack on websites worldwide, although not reported in mainstream media more than 90,000 computers where involved in the attack with up to 60 million websites potentially affected.

Within 1 hour of this attack taking place Stardrive locked down its domestic infrastructure and blocked 1,193 hacking attempts on our servers. Further we protected all of our clients files and information using industry leading 256-bit SSL encryption. Despite many websites around the world being hacked and taken over Stardrive is leading the way with zero successful attacks on our websites ever.

Being dynamic in a changing landscape:

The key to staying secure on the internet today is being dynamic in a changing online landscape. Stardrive is constantly updating its services and network to adapt to the internet as changes happen.

At Stardrive we employ a variety of security techniques:

  • New Four Phase Security system
  • 256-bit SSL encryption technology
  • International server hosting
  • Dual-cloud storage
  • Multiple Backup servers
  • Daily off-site backups of all client websites and databases

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