Powerful three phase security

Security is a growing concern for businesses and individuals around the world. Keep your website, application or server secure with our proprietary three phase security system. Three phase security takes advantage of three methods. Keeping your website files secure, proactively scanning for threats and vulnerabilities on your site and finally using comprehensive nameserver security which handles all inbound and outgoing traffic to your website.


1) Website Files: All website files are locked down and encrypted making them unreadable to anyone without the permissions to do so

2) Threat + Vulnerability Detection: A server based security scanner checks for virus’s and malware, this scanner also runs in real time to detect malicious scripts and exploits carried out by users and blocks them accordingly. A separate scanner checks for loopholes and vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

3) Nameserver Security: Your nameservers are linked to Cloudflare's online business protection services. Cloudflare protects against DDOS attacks as well as caches your site for visitors if your server goes offline. This allows your website to be visible while your primary server is down.


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Comprehensive security testing

Increase the security of your website by receiving a comprehensive, personalized security inspection. This inspection is run regularly and conducted by a Stardrive security consultant. 

The personal touch

By signing up with Stardrive security a security consultant will personally get in touch with you to overhaul and protect your businesses online presence. This consultant will manage the security of your site, conduct conferences and help you with your security tasks. Security penetration testing and reporting is conducted regularly to ensure your site is completely secure.

Security penetration testing

Penetration testing involves the procedure of ethically hacking and producing a report of possible leaks and vulnerabilities a real hacker could use. We help you implement high grade security on your site through detailed testing and evaluation.

Comprehensive security reporting

Similar to penetration testing, security reporting is a detailed overview of your entire network infrastructure. We produce a detailed report on the health of your website and server and help increase security server-wide.


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Accelerate your business by joining Stardrive. Get in contact with one of our consultants by clicking here.