Unlock the full potential of your site with Stardrive hosting

Stardrive offer a personalized hosting services for individuals, small businesses and enterprises. Our hosting offers unparalleled levels of features, flexibility and freedom. No other local provider delivers fast, affordable and secure hosting with the same level of functionality.

We employ proprietary systems designed to increase the security, reliability and integrity of your data. Included as part of our service we perform frequent off-site backups using our Hydra backup service, perform automatic website software updates and deliver your content through our 3 phase security system protecting both you and your customers.


  • A proven network

  • Daily off-site backups using Hydra

  • Proprietary three phase security system

  • Dedicated support system

  • Unlimited Emails and Databases

  • Diskspace and Bandwidth tailored to your needs 

  • Complimentary Marketing & Analytics provided by Stardrive

What can Stardrive do for me?

Stardrive can host, manage and administrate your website. We offer a variety of features suited to business customers of any size including additional features for corporate clients.


What makes us different?

Our hosting services are fast, personal and secure. Whether you are looking for a large scale website hosting solution or hosting for a small business we can help your business move into the Stars.



Corporate & Large scale hosting

Basic Stardrive hosting is available readily to the public but may not suit everyone's needs. Our Corporate and large scale business hosting services offer exclusive benefits. Contact us today for more information